Dragonfly S21 WIJ


Dragonfly is the 1st bonus square in the season 2 of Wrapped in Jamie CAL. And one of the first three patterns released of this season. It can be purchased separately or as a part of a bundle.

This add free Extended pattern includes:

  • Photo Tutorial
  • Chart and Legend
  • Special Stitches Overview
  • Pattern in a Nutshell


It includes the
-Extended Pattern

  • Photo Tutorial
  • Chart and Legend
  • Special Stitches Overview
  • Pattern in a Nutshell
  • Image Overlay Crochet (IOC) terminology ‘Petranese’ explained – Basics document

plus extra resources like ‘visuals’ and links to all videos, available in right- and left-handed versions and relevant tutorials.

A compressed version in english is available for free on the website:


Image Overlay Crochet is a technique based on overlay crochet, where we write stories in yarn, crocheting the background layer and the image layer at the same time, using a special abbreviation and IOC specific techniques.
Once familiar with the techniques and the special abbreviation terminology (’Petranese’), these patterns – thought officially classified as intermediate/advanced – include enough support in form of photo and video tutorials plus Masterclasses for the technique, that even a confident beginner can tackle the patterns.

You should be familiar with basic (US) terminology, confident with counting rounds and stitches and know your stitches from slip stitch to double treble. Tables with the most commonly used abbreviations, punctuation and stitch explanations for our basics, (like sc, hdc, dc, htr, tr, hdtr and dtr) are included in the pattern documents.

Gauge is not important for this pattern.

The square is occasionally shown with a square border. A square border is NOT part of this pattern, but 3 different, compatible square borders are available for free
A selection of borders can be found here:
(available 15.12.2021)

Dragonfly is part of a Pattern Bundle, including

  • Royal Stag
  • Scottish Cross
  • Dragonfly (by Veronika Gadulová)

The discounted bundle is available on the 15th of December 2021 through the Shop at


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