Tkanee Easter CAL 2022-5





ss – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

sc in BLO– simple crochet into the back loop only


Note: There are numbers in parenthesis inserted into the pattern that refer to the numbers of photograpgs. Video tutorials for the stitches we used, are in the Tkanee adventures.

The asterix marks the precise corner sitch under / into which the next corner will be done.

  • The brackets are used the following way:

    • (…) parenthesis in normal weight indicates a group of sts that will be worked into the same st or sp

    • () parenthesis in bold indicate lower level repeats

    • [] square brackets indicate basic repeat of the pattern for one side of the panel. Consisting of multiple instructions (it is to be repeated 4 times for the square, 6 times for hexagon, 3 times for triangle …)

Begin  with a ch1 (00.01)  and a ss into the first one of them  (00.02) . The first round is to be crocheted into the center of that circle. If you like magic circle (MC) or oduble magic circle (DMC), you use those.

Round 1:

ch1, 5 sc + ss . Close the ch4 / MC / MDC tightly. Finish the round and all the following rounds by a ss into the first sc of this round (the first corner sc) (01.01).

Hint: If you crochet over the loose tail for a few rounds, you won’t have to weave it in later. Changing the tail’s direction with each round or side will make it more secure.

01.02 - pull the tail to close the circle
02.01 Place where to crochet the first tst of the round

Round 2:

ch1, 5 V-2sc, sc

+ ss into the first sc of this round (2.02)

Last sc is replaced by a ss (that is why we don’t do 6 V-2sc)

Special stitches in this orund

  • V-2sc 2 single crochet worked into the same stitch

Round 3:

ch1, [(sc, ch1*, sc), sc in BLO (03.02) ] 6x

+ ss into the first sc of this round (03.03) , the last sc in BLO will be replaced by that ss

03.01 Place where you will crochet the corner

Round 4:

ch1, [(sc, ch1*, sc), 3 sc] 6x

+ ss into the first sc of this round – 5 st per side + the corner ch1

04.01 Place where you will crochet the corner
Finished round 4