My name is Veronika...

... and this is a place where i offer you my work. my main focus is weaving and crocheting but sometimes other creative passions come along as well.

I majored in general linguistics and portuguese and I got accepted to a doctorate.

I worked as a financioal adviser but i did realise after a while that this carrier is not for me.
I got married, had my kids, attended a doula training and I'm ocasionally teaching at university.

I learned to sew when i was aroun ten years old and my mom had tought me how to knit and crochet long before that.

When i was fifteen and i couldn't find the perfect corduroy pants i retracedt the pattern from my mom's old seventie's ones and made my own pair.
Many of my favourite Skirts, dresses and pants originated this way.

I'll never forget how i stood in the changing room of my favourite store copying the perfect dress i could not afford and then went and foud a fabric as similar as possible and made my own version. And there was also an endless noumber of camp costumes to make...

with kids there came the cloth diapers, babywearing clothes and i have learned how to weave baby wraps to match my wishes and the possibilities of my equipment.

I have established my own brand Tkanee.

Whenever i put my mind to something - whether it was literature, grammar or weaving - i was able to learn it.

the plan has always been "to finish school and get a job" but i have never actually went through with it.
I have been preparing myself for my proffession and looking for the right one. But i have never realised that my proffession has found me long ago and that it has been with me since my childhood.

Threads are woven into my life and they are one of the reasons there is tkanee.

welcome to my studio 🙂

…yours Veronika